Configuration simplification courtesy of Cumulus Linux

Hello all.
I like when people call me “evangelist”, although it sounds a bit too presumptuous and pretentious.
“Evangelist” – from the ancient greek euangelizesthai – means “bringer of good news”, and tonight I’m doing exactly that.

We live in the era of network automation, where we’re all told to automate everything from the morning teeth brushing to the night tea making.
In this era, we’re also told that configuration must be cookie cutter, simple, short, automatable, etc. etc.

But how easy or efficient that is when your CLI demands for the same configuration elements to be included in 5 different sections of your config even if they’re related to the same entity?

I know, I know! This will become less relevant when you have a tool that oversees your configuration from the grounds up, but that’s not something that everyone can do, not quickly at least, whereas starting basic some configuration tasks is some work that everyone I know of has started doing for quite a while now.

My point is that the big players haven’t helped us with a CLI that is clutter-less, but on the contrary!
How many times have you cursed *OS for having had to configure BGP adjacencies on a /31 where it was obvious which neighbor address needed to be used as in a /31 there’s only 2 available??

But today I saw the light!

The light starts to shine very bright around minute 30, but the entire presentation is enjoyable.

Plus, I saw the face of Pepelnjak for the first time and – I have to say – he looks exactly as I pictured him in my head after listening his podcast episodes… 🙂

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